About Our Teachers

Jessica Jackson is a long-time Yoga practitioner; she's been practicing for 10 years, and first found yoga while waiting for her divorce to be finalized. She was 21 years old at the time, and escaping a voilent relationship. She is a first generation Mexican-American, and for most of her life has lived in predominantly Hispanic, low-income neighborhoods. You can say that Yoga was something completely foreign to her. The only yoga being offered in the area at the time was at the local 24Hr Fitness gym, which she was a regular at, and the yoga instructor finally convinced her to give it a try. It was DDP Power Yoga. She tried it out, and was immediately hooked. Because for once, she felt like her body was hers again; she had felt her power again, and vowed to never go back to that abusive relationship. She's a 200hr (E-RYT) experienced registered Yoga teacher for five years, and counting. She has extensive training in numerous styles of Yoga - her first 200 hr training was for Power Yoga in Los Angeles, California at CorePower Yoga studios. She received a second, 80 hr training for Restorative Yoga through the Aura Wellness Center in Massachusetts. In Fall 2016, she received an additional 200 hr certificate for Hot Power Fusion in Los Angeles, California where she learned the "HOT 26" postures as traditionally practiced in Bikram classes. She is also certified to teach at-risk youth, and under-served communities through Jill Marie Ippolito's, UpRising Yoga- a nonprofit organization that teaches Yoga to children, and teenagers at Juvenile Detention Centers. She's trained with Yoga Journal's finest and brightest, Justin Micheal Williams, and Karen Mozes in the Business of Yoga, and helping other teachers discover their passion is her passion. She is currently working on becoming certified in teaching Kids Yoga, and cannot wait to teach children about mindfulness, and stress management through breath control, and of course, Yoga. She's taught Yoga in Los Angeles, California, Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Southern Illinois, Germany, and has now put roots down in New Mexico. She continues to explore different styles and philosophies of Yoga as a life-long student. Her classes showcase her love and curiosity for the practice as she takes her students to new depths; both physically and mentally. 

Eric Jackson is a 200hr Ekata Yoga Teacher, and a longtime Yoga practitioner. His Yoga journey began almost 10 years ago when his tattoo artist at the time was also taking Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training, and needed someone to practice on. Eric gladly said yes to the opportunity; not knowing what he was getting into for his first Yoga experience through Kundalini; with it's chanting, mantras, breath of fire, and all of the other amazing, spiritual things this practice teaches, Eric was hooked. Soon he was practicing the traditional "Morning Call" mantra every morning, and you could catch him randomly busting into a yoga pose before his shows. Like, in this picture in Los Angeles as Eric was preparing to play the drums. You can still find him randomly busting into a yoga pose in the most random places. He takes his Yoga everywhere...quite literally. He's a wildland firefighter for the Lincoln National Forest, and finds that yoga helps him remain flexible, and prevent injuries in a job that's physically taxing on the body. He's funny, and down-to-earth, and that's what makes his classes so fun. He likes to get very creative when sequencing flow classes, so expect these classes to be unlike other flow classes you've ever tried, yet fun, and challenging at the same time.

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